Skills Hub for BRI

Back to the TVET Summit 2017 organized by DIT in China had been an extremely successful event, with certain results such as the agreement between Dalian Vocational School and UKSCE which was an unexpected occurrence at the time, it had also been noticed by CSDP, as they were seeking for a proper solution for the Chinese Vocation Education Reform nation-wide.

At the event of 2018 China International Import Expo, the Skills Hub for Belt & Road Initiatives was jointly announced by CSDP (Centre of Schooling Development Program, Ministry of Education of China) and UKSCE. This program provides a variety of services to educational institutes globally, and there are more than 50 applications for purchasing the membership up until now.

This is beneficial towards the educational institutions and local governments because it provides a new variety of educational products and prowess, through the collaboration between a multitude of well-known brands such as Pearson Group, Beijing Institute of Technology and NSAR.

As China is promoting its Belt & Road Initiative and there is a huge domestic demand on vocational education and skills training, the Sino-UK Vocational College will construct a bridge by merging the most successful knowledge and skill systems as well as related services which is initiated by two countries. The potential impact is massive due to its well-designed structure and mechanism to link all resources to the same platform, and this is a revolutionary and self-sustaining program to support the localization and self-development.

The sectors within the UK will benefit from providing standards, curriculum, certificates, HR, and QA based on the strong financial support from Chinese partners, with the unique selling point of integrating industries with education. The college in Shandong is only one of the ten more similar institutions across China, and there will be more and more institutions replicating this model all over the world especially countries where the Belt & Road Initiative is in place.