About Us

UKSCE, the brand-new initiative is the result of a collaboration between The National Skills Academy for Rail (NSAR), UK Skills Federation and the Chinese Government. 

 It is supported by the CSDP (Centre of Schooling Development Program, Ministry of Education of China), The UK Department of International Trade (DIT) and will include multiple industries such as rail, construction, sport, social care, IT, health, financial services and much more.

In Vocational Education, UKSCE developed the thorough system of vocational education in universities and colleges and led the translation and revision of 134 textbooks for 13 subjects. 38 universities adopted the SQA HND qualification, teaching, learning with 38000 students graduated since 2006 and 15000 students still in the campus. This is the largest projects in Chinese education, and still going well.

In 2018, CSDP and UKSCE announced a joint program - Skills Hub for Belt & Road Initiatives which provides a variety of services to educational institutes globally, and there are more than 50 applications for purchasing the membership up until now. This is very beneficial towards the educational institutions and local governments because it provides a new variety of educational products and prowess, through the collaboration between a multitude of well-known brands such as Pearson Group, Beijing Institute of Technology and NSAR.